Good credit worthiness  Limit: 32 kSEK

Part judgements

History / Operation
Shareholder / Management
Ability to pay
Very good

Rating history

Rating history
DateRatingLimitAnnual report
2022-06-23AA2 % of operating income2021-12
2021-10-28AA2 % of operating income2020-12
2020-07-17A1 % of operating income2019-12
2019-08-01AA2 % of operating income2018-12
2018-09-14A1 % of operating income2017-12
2017-07-04A1 % of operating income2016-12
2016-07-08AA2 % of operating income2015-12
2015-09-01AA5 % of operating income2014-12
2014-09-17A3 % of operating income2013-12
2010-03-26A3 % of operating income2009-08
2009-03-09A3 % of operating income2008-08
2008-03-28A3 % of operating income2007-08
2007-02-15A3 % of operating income2006-08

History / Operation

Legal form
Limited company
Date of registration
Current name registered
Previous name
Corporate domicile
Värmdö kommun
Registered share capital
100,000 SEK
Registered as employer
Actively reporting VAT
Registered for MVA
NACE code
5520  Other short-stay accommodation

Board member information

Board member information
von Rosen, MagdalenaMember2010-11-15
von Rosen, Jürgen Björn WoldemarDeputy2005-12-22

Income statement

Income statement
Income statement amount in kSEK2021-122020-122019-122018-122017-12
Net sales1,6321,4611,6201,6971,380
Change in inventories00000
Work performed for own use00000
Other operating income1616143339
Total renewal1,6481,4771,6341,7301,419
Cost of goods
Raw materials and consumables181522170
Goods for resale00000
Other external costs428381403456465
Personnel costs9218921,153880931
Items affecting comparability00000
Other operating expenses00000
Total operating expenses1,3701,2911,5811,3561,399
Result after depreciation2771865337420
Result from participation in group companies and associated00000
Interest income from group companies00000
External interest income00010
Other financial income00000
Total financial income00010
Interest expense from group companies00000
External interest expenses22140
Total interest expenses22140
Other financial expenses00000
Total financial costs22140
Financial items affecting comparability00000
Result after financial items2761845237220
Extraordinary income00000
Extraordinary expenses00000
Total extraordinary items00000
Result before allocations2761845237220
Group contribution00000
Shareholders contribution00000
Result before taxt23118412227620
Minority shareholding00000
Net P/L for the year1811429321315

Balance sheet

Balance sheet
Balance sheet Amounts in kSEK2021-122020-122019-122018-122017-12
Subscribed capital unpaid00000
Capitalized expenditure for research & development00000
Patents, licenses00000
Other intangible assets00000
Total intangible assets00000
Land and buildings1114171922
Machinery & equipment (tot)00000
Other fixed assets (not depreciable)00000
Other fixed assets (depreciable)00000
Total tangible assets1114171922
Participation in group companies and associated00000
Receivables from group companies and associated00000
Loans to partner or other closely related00000
Other financial assets0001427
Total financial assets0001427
Whereof not depreciable fixed assets0001427
Work in progress00000
Other inventories00000
Total inventories00000
Account receivables2,2101,6032,1251,9920
Receivables from group companies and associated00001,312
Other receivables32662567115
Total receivables2,2421,6692,1502,0591,427
Total short term investments00000
Cash and bank balances1,2581,037740967631
Other current assets
Total current assets3,5002,7072,8903,0262,058
Total assets3,5122,7212,9073,0592,107
Share capital100100100100100
Share premium reserve00000
Revaluation reserve00000
Other restricted equity00000
Total restricted equity100100100100100
Profit or loss brought forward403362269205191
Group contribution00000
Shareholders contribution00000
Net P/L for the year1811429321315
Total non-restricted capital584504362418206
Shareholders equity684604462518306
Untaxed reserves175130130200105
Minority shareholding00000
Bond loans00000
Liabilities to credit inst. (long term)00000
Liabilities to group companies and associated00000
Other long-term liabilities00000
Long term liabilities00000
Liabilities to credit inst. (short term)00000
Accounts payable00000
Liabilities to group companies and associated00000
Other current liabilities2,6531,9882,3152,3411,697
Total current liabilities2,6531,9882,3152,3411,697
Total equity and liability3,5122,7212,9073,0592,107

Key figures

Key figures
 2021-122020-122019-122018-122017-12Area average
Turnover kSEK1,6481,4771,6341,7301,419-
Result after financial items kSEK2761845237220-
Net worth kSEK820705563674387-
Assets kSEK3,5122,7212,9073,0592,107-
Number of employees33333-
Equity ratio %23.425.919.42218.438.6
Quick ratio %131.9136.2124.8129.3121.3169
Current ratio %131.9136.2124.8129.3121.3174.5
Profit margin %16.812.
Return on total assets %
Return on equity %33.626.
Interest on liabilities %
Risk margin7.86.71.812.10.91.3
Liability ratio t/year3.
Interest cover t/year138.5935393.801.7
Turnover/Assets t/year0.

Notes/Other information

Notes/Other information
Chattel mortgages
Property mortgage
Other securities
Total securities
Explanation of comment
Security existing, amount unavailable
Other securities existing, amounts unavailable
No information available
Conditional shareholders contribution
Other contingent liabilities
Total contingent liabilities
Explanation of comment
Security existing, amount unavailable
Other securities existing, amounts unavailable
No information available
Number of employees33333
Salaries and emoluments to board members
Salaries to others
Salary (bonus)
Social costs
Severance pay
Granted bank overdraft
Bank overdraft (used)